How to activate Whatsapp without sending an SMS.

Whatsapp is top massaging app as I know it and use it, Whatsapp activation start with Accepting Agreement and pressing continue button, after this enter country code and Phone number which you want to see by your friend (by this your friend can find you, also you will receive confirmation code to this number) After entering number whatsapp automatically send a massage to server and wait for confirmation code after that You will start with Whatsapp.

Here During a sending SMS to Whatsapp server, your network provider will charge you an normal SMS charge. To save this amount we are going to make some changes in massage setting.

Follow this procedure before starting Whatsapp activation process.
Go to message box -> press option button then setting -> then SIM SMSC address setting -> touch to edit phone number -> remove last digit of given phone number (make remember this last digit.)-> OK.

Now start with whatsapp activation at the time of SMS sending to server service provider not allow Whatsapp to send SMS Then Whatsapp will send message from DATA network and get confirmation code remaining procedure will same.

Your Whatsapp will get activate Without sending an SMS Check your account Balance.
This is 100% working trick.
(Removing last digit of phone number in message setting you will not able to send text message. to enable this add that last digit phone number in message setting.)